1. Apartment equipped with 24-hour security, swimming pool, gym room and BBQ pit
  2. Near to MRT and bus stations, supermarkets, convenience stores, shopping center
  3. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, wardrobes, bookcases, desks, chairs, linens, pillows; living room with iron and ironing board, shoes racks and fan; kitchen with refrigerator, kettle, microwave
  4. Wi-Fi, main entrance with CCTV , telephone line

Family Service & Free Guardianship
  1. Nutritious meals, breakfast and dinner (6 dishes & 1 soup, fruits & beverages) from Monday to Friday, three meals per day on weekends and during vacation
  2. Healthy and Clean environment, laundry & ironing of school uniform service, cleaning of bed linens regularly
  3. When a student falls ill, take him/her to a doctor to obtain a medical certificate and inform the school
  4. Supervise the student during normal study hours. Attend meet-the-parents’ session and provide feedback to the parents on the student’s progress regularly
  5. Specify a learning plan and goals, arrange tuition (additional cost for tuition)
  6. Provide transportation to/from the airport for students returning home during school vacation
  7. Celebrations of students’ birthdays and traditional festivals
  8. Counseling